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Save the World Today is a global response against war and global warming from different countries, regions, and ethnicities! People of the world unite here in a common goal of humanity and humankind.

This site has no political affiliation or business agenda. This is just to keep the people's digital footprints in this particular era going through a deadly war in the twenty-first century.

The campaign has been initiated by a group of Bangladeshi bloggers.

Simu Naser
thesimunaser (@) gmail.com
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Ireen Sultana
ireen.sultana.bd (@) gmail.com
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Sadiq M Alam
sadiq.alam (@) gmail.com
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Musharrat Hossain
sh.sharmee (@) gmail.com
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Moiyen Zalal Chowdhury, Ph.D.
sharatchowdhury (@) gmail.com
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Faizul Karim
faizul.karim (@) gmail.com
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4:50 am, March 22, 2022
This is a great initiative to register the voice of people. All the best to Save the World Today team!

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